Hair & Beauty Salons

Hair & Beauty Salons

The Difference between Hair and Beauty Salons

Although it is entirely possible to find a salon that offers both hair and cosmetic treatments, the majority will belong within just one of these two categories. There are several main differences between these types of salons, all of which we will be covering below.

The difference in treatment types

Although beauty salons will focus on the physical attributes of a person (especially relating to skin, nail and body), they do also deal in minor hair therapies including eyebrow shaping, body hair removal and waxing in general. These treatments differ from hair salons in the sense that they target a particular type of hair for removal or shaping, whereas hair centres focus on the maintenance and care of hair on a person’s head.

The range in costs

Most beauty therapies cost less than $100, regardless of whether they relate to the skin, body, or nails. They can be a little more expensive depending on the therapist offering their services, but even these prices are cheaper than top of the range hair treatments. When performed by a world-renowned hair care expert, the cost of even a simple treatment can cost as much as the most extensive cosmetic therapy. This isn’t always guaranteed, but it is commonly accepted within the beauty industry that hair treatments will be more expensive than those that relate to beauty.

Therapy duration

A manicure can take less than an hour, as can an eyebrow wax/ threading. In fact the longest procedures offered by beauty centres are massages, which can last for an hour or more. The only type of hair treatments that are similar in time frame are quick cut and blow dries. Any form of colouring, layering, highlighting, or styling can take several hours, so those that frequent cosmetic salons are often able to undergo a couple of treatments in the same amount of time as an extensive hair therapy.

There are no positives or negatives as far as beauty and hair salons are concerned. The goal is to find one that can cater to your needs in a way that meets your budget, without losing out on quality in the process. If you’d like to learn more, simply contact your local treatment centre and they will be more than happy to provide further information.